How to Dress Your Child in The Summer

How to dress your baby in summer

Babies cannot regulate their body temperatures in the same way as adult humans. Therefore, you should keep your baby away from very hot or very cold temperatures and babies younger than one year old should always be kept indoors. However, if your baby is in the sun, we've got specially designed summer baby clothes for you.

Tip 1) A lightweight summer hat

The most important thing when caring for your newborn is to protect his/her head from the sun with a wide brimmed summer sunhat, preferably one that covers the forehead and also stops the ears from getting caught by direct sunlight. Sunhats for babies include special UV sun hats guaranteed to protect delicate skin against the sun, and hats that have useful ties under the chin so they don't get pulled off!

Tip 2) Thin layered clothing

Dress your baby in light-weight, loose-fitting cotton layers, such as a short sleeved baby grow and a cotton cardigan, for example. We recommend natural fibers like cotton because they absorb sweat better than synthetic fibers. If your baby‘s chest and neck feel hot, then they are too warm, so it’s time to take off a layer. We've just launched our new range of summer baby clothing which is made from 100% natural cotton. It's softer on their delicate skin than anything else they're wearing.

Tip 3) Cotton socks

Babies under 12 months old aren't walking yet, so they're likely to be in a stroller when outdoors. Make sure you cover their feet! A light blanket won't keep your feet warm, but a pair of lightweight baby socks will help prevent them from burning.

How to dress your toddler in summer

Whether it’s a trip to a beautiful beach or a venture into the wilderness, all of our quality children’s clothing will withstand the rough and tumble of energetic toddlers. It's important to dress your toddler practically for the warmer weather. Here are some summer clothes ideas for adventurous tots.

Tip 1) Prioritise light colors

Dress your toddler in lighter-colored clothes, as darker colors absorb heat, the darker the colors the more heat they absorb, meaning that the darker colors the hotter your little one will get! We've redesigned our summer t-shirts with these in mind. They're made with beautiful pastel colors which will absorb less heat.

Tip 2) Leggings aren't just for Winter!

Leggings are an excellent addition to a kid's summer wardrobe. They protect little legs from damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays and also protect knees from the wild games toddlers play in the summertime. Look for leggings with an adjustable waist that will grow with your child. A versatile piece that works well with a variety of outfits, from casual to dressy.

Tip 3) Look for high quality materials

If you want to keep your child cool during the summer, choose a tight weave for your child's summer clothes. If you can see the material from the inside of the pocket, the garment isn't providing enough sun protection for toddlers.